Check which professions are regulated in the UK

Some professions in the UK are regulated. This can mean there is a legal requirement to have certain qualifications or experience. Other professions are regulated by chartered bodies granting a certain status.

If a profession is regulated, you may need certain professional qualifications or experience to:

  • carry out certain professional activities
  • use a professional title, like ‘architect’

For many professions, the bodies that decide if you are qualified to work in a regulated profession are known as ‘regulators’. Some professions are also regulated through chartered professional bodies.

You can use the Regulated Professions Register (RPR) service to:

Get help checking a regulated profession

If you cannot find the information you need on the RPR, you may wish to contact the UK Centre for Professional Qualifications (UK CPQ). The UK CPQ can also help you understand how to get your professional qualifications recognised outside the UK.

Licence Finder

You may need licences and permits to carry out certain activities in the UK. These are called authorisations. Use the licence finder to find what you need.

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