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Regulation summary

Persons wishing to give paid instruction in the driving of a motor car in Great Britain must have their name entered on the Register of Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs). To qualify they must meet all legal requirements. They must satisfy the Registrar that they are 'fit and proper' persons, part of which means undergoing a criminal records check, and, pass a three-part examination consisting of: a theory test, a test of driving ability and a test of instructional ability. Once qualified, their name is entered onto the Register of "Approved Driving Instructors". Registration lasts for 4 years. ADIs may apply to renew their registration at the end of the 4 year period, or to re-register up to 12 months after their registration expires, without having to sit the qualifying tests again. Beyond 12 months they will have to apply to sit the qualifying tests again.

Regulation type


Reserved activities

Receive payment for the provision driving instruction in a motor car

Protected titles

Approved Driving Instructor

Qualifications and experience

New professionals

Routes to qualification

You must meet all legal requirements to become an Approved Driving Instructor. There are 3 qualifying tests you must pass.

The 3 qualifying tests make sure that you meet the national standard for driver training:

ADI part 1 test Theory test Unlimited attempts
ADI part 2 test Driving ability 3 attempts
ADI part 3 test Instructional ability 3 attempts

You have to restart the process if you use up all your attempts. You have to wait until 2 years after you passed the ADI part 1 test before you can start the process again.

You must have booked the ADI part 3 test within 2 years of passing the ADI part 1 test. You have to restart the process if you do not qualify by then.

Professionals from other UK nations

Routes to recognition within the UK


Professionals from outside the UK

Recognition for professionals outside the UK
Some - qualifications from some countries may be recognised, but professionals from other countries will have to re-qualify
Summary of routes

We currently recognise qualifications from the EU but this will change in the immediate future


Registration requirements



Title of relevant act or charter

The Motor Vehicles (Driving Instruction) Regulations 2005 (as amended)

Title of relevant act or charter

The Road Traffic Act 1988

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