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Regulatory or professional bodies

Primary regulator

Regulatory authority
Costs Lawyer Standards Board

PO Box 4336
M61 0BW

Email address
Phone number
+44 (0)161 956 8969

Additional regulator

Regulatory authority
Association of Costs Lawyers

Association of Costs Lawyers
Inspire House
1 Vinces Road
IP22 4HQ

Phone number
+44 (0)203 174 0967


Regulation summary

Costs Lawyers are qualified experts in legal costs. They can advise clients on issues like litigation costs, the cost of legal services (such as solicitors’ or barristers’ fees), and legal aid costs. They have a right to appear in court on behalf of their clients on matters relating to costs.

The Costs Lawyer Standards Board, or CLSB, is the regulator of Costs Lawyers in England and Wales. It serves the public interest by setting and maintaining the standards of professional conduct by which Costs Lawyers must abide.

The CLSB is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL). ACL is the profession’s representative body and it is named in the Legal Services Act 2007 as the approved regulator of the Costs Lawyer profession. However, as a representative body, it must delegate its regulatory functions to another organisation. It has therefore delegated its regulatory functions to the CLSB.

Regulation type


Reserved activities

The exercise of a right of audience.
The conduct of litigation.
The administration of oaths.

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Qualifications and experience

New professionals

Routes to qualification

In order to become a Costs Lawyer, you will need to complete the Costs Lawyer Qualification. This is a modular course of study that is delivered in three year-long units. You might be eligible for exemptions from certain aspects of the Costs Lawyer Qualification if you have completed relevant prior learning, such as a law degree or a professional training course.

In addition to the academic element of your training, you will need to complete a period of supervised practice. This can be carried out before, during or after studying for the Costs Lawyer Qualification.

Professionals from other UK nations

Routes to recognition within the UK

The CLSB regulates Costs Lawyers in England and Wales. If you are a professional practising a corresponding profession in Scotland or Northern Ireland please see the information below for professionals from outside the UK.

Professionals from outside the UK

Recognition for professionals outside the UK
Some - qualifications from some countries may be recognised, but professionals from other countries will have to re-qualify
Summary of routes

Certain qualifications and experience gained outside the UK may be recognised by application under the Recognition of European Professional Qualification Rules. Those Rules govern the process by which the CLSB will consider an application for recognition of an overseas professional qualification as being equivalent to the domestic Costs Lawyer Qualification. If you make a successful application under the Rules, despite not having completed the Costs Lawyer Qualification, you will be entitled to apply for a practising certificate to practise as a Costs Lawyer in England and Wales.

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Registration requirements

You must be a qualified Costs Lawyer (see above) to be regulated by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board.
You must apply for a practising certificate annually, completing the relevant application form and paying the practising fee.


Title of relevant act or charter

Legal Services Act 2007

Licence Finder

You may need licences and permits to carry out certain activities in the UK. These are called authorisations. Use the licence finder to find what you need.